Video Of Elderly Women Playing With A Baby On A Flight Goes Viral

Last Updated: February 17, 2023, 11:07 IST

Women help baby calm down during a flight. (Image: Instagram/majicallynews)

“God bless these beautiful ladies,” a social media user wrote.

Travelling with an infant on a flight can be quite challenging, especially when they can’t stop crying. Children, especially toddlers have a tendency to get cranky on a plane, leading to a fuss for the parents as well fellow passengers. Recently, something similar happened to a new mother who was travelling with her daughter. It was the little one’s first time and thirty minutes into the flight she started crying uncontrollably, leaving her mother overwhelmed. Proving the saying that it takes a village to raise a child, three elderly women showed kindness and helped the mom in distress. They offered to babysit, and instantly the infant calmed down. The women can be seen talking and entertaining the kid. The help ‘meant the world’ to the grateful mother. The heartwarming video will make you believe that the world is filled with beautiful souls.

Check out the heart-warming video here-

The video recently surfaced on the internet and won hearts. The snippet shows three elderly women sitting beside each other in a row across from the mom. One of the women took the child on her lap and continuously talked to her in a soft voice, while the other two smiled and grinned. The baby looked at them adorably and remained calm and silent. As per the post, the woman holding the child was a teacher for over 40 years.

The viral clip was initially posted on TikTok and later shared on Instagram. It has amassed 2,28,000 views. It was shared with a caption that read, “Thank you to these beautiful souls. Kindness is always a fantastic idea.” The comment section was filled with love for the elderly woman, while a few users shared their personal experiences of strangers helping them out.

One user wrote, “God bless these beautiful ladies!” Another wrote, “This happened to me with my now adult daughter. A beautiful soul came and picked her up for me. I was a young mom travelling across the country. I love these moments.” One individual narrated, “I had a college student entertain my toddler twins on a flight. She’ll never know just exactly what she did for me! I’ll never forget her kindness.”

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