Komal Singh – Saurabh Royale Latest Holi Bhojpuri Song

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm across India. It’s a time when people come together to smear each other with vibrant colors, enjoy traditional delicacies, and dance to the beats of dhol and music. And what’s Holi without a catchy and lively song to set the mood?

Enter “Rangwala Bhauji,” a Holi song that’s sure to get your feet tapping and hands clapping. Sung by Shilpi Raj and Saurabh Royale, the song is a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements that capture the essence of the festival.

The lyrics of “Rangwala Bhauji” have been penned by Prince Priyedarshi, who has done an excellent job of infusing the song with colorful imagery and catchy phrases. The music, composed by Priyanshu Singh, is equally impressive and features a mix of electronic beats and traditional instruments like dhol and harmonium.

The vocal recording for the song has been done by Adarsh, who has captured the energy and enthusiasm of the singers’ performances. The mix and master, also handled by Priyanshu Singh, ensures that the song has a balanced and crisp sound that’s easy on the ears.

The music video for “Rangwala Bhauji” features Saurabh Royale, Komal Singh, Chandani, and Aarav Singh, who bring their own unique style and energy to the song. Shot against a colorful backdrop, the video is a feast for the eyes and adds to the overall festive vibe of the song.

“Rangwala Bhauji” is a fantastic Holi song that’s sure to become a favorite among music lovers. With its catchy lyrics, foot-tapping music, and energetic performances, the song captures the spirit and joy of the festival of colors. So, get your dancing shoes on and celebrate Holi with “Rangwala Bhauji”!

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