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NEW DELHI: India has raised with Australia the issue of Khalistan supporters disrupting the functioning of its honorary consulate in Brisbane, the government said on Thursday. The MEA said though that the honorary consulate of India continued to function normally and that the disruptions lasted only for a little while.
PM Narendra Modi had taken up issues related to the activities of pro-Khalistan elements with his counterpart Anthony Albanese in their meeting on March 10. Albanese had assured him that the safety of Indian community is a special priority for his government.
“There’s an honorary consulate there and not a Consulate General of India. I understand small number of protesters were there. For a little while there were some disruptions. But it is not closed,” said MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.
“The honorary consulate continues to function normally providing necessary services. I would not like to comment on footages particularly video footages which are not been confirmed,” he added.
The official said India had taken up the issue with the Australian authorities.
“We have taken it up with the government. You heard the Prime Minister taking it up with the Australian PM. And we have been taking up on a regular basis whenever such incidents occur. Unfortunately they have occurred a number of times,” Bagchi said.
“Our teams are in touch and that’s how we take this up quickly. I am not going to get into the composition or the level of the teams but they are in touch,” he said.

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