FIFA Set to Discuss Game-clock Rule’s Introduction to Deal with Time-wasting: Report

Last Updated: March 05, 2023, 15:37 IST

The game of football is expected to witness a massive change in its rule. It is being learnt that FIFA is currently exploring options to stop time wasting during matches. In a bid to put an end to time wasting, the game’s governing body is understood to have contemplated the idea of implementing ‘game clock’ rule in football. A report published by Marca claims that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) will study and discuss the move at the weekend’s meeting, scheduled to be held in London. The report also stated that the need to tackle time wasting tactics was first introduced by FIFA president Gianni Infantino. The big move comes after the FIFA World Cup 2022 produced some of the longest games on record. FIFA had told match officials to keep an eye on time to minimise time wasting during the Qatar World Cup games last year.

Needless to say, the news sparked a huge update on social media and fans and followers of the game are divided over the proposed move.

One Twitter user opined that the move is logical as it will offer more game-time. “Finally a logical new rule in football. Gives the referee less to think about, means more actual football being played too because there won’t be “dead time” when direct-freekicks, goal-kicks are being set up,” the tweet read.

However, another person felt that the game clock rule will not be enough to curb time wasting. “That won’t stop players going down to waste time and for keepers delaying their goal-kicks. The ball has not gone out of play in that situation,” he tweeted.

“Rugby already does this and had a form of video reviews. Finally football is catching up,” a certain Twitter user pointed out.

One social media user supported the idea by tweeting, “Exactly what is needed in football. Fed up of teams coming along after getting one up and time wasting from then on. No matter how early they get that first goal.”

It has already been decided that goal celebrations will become a part of added time. The rule is expected to come into force from June 30. It was earlier reported that playing time in Premier League had dropped to its lowest level last season.

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